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Institutional Can Liners
Berry Plastics has the industry's broadest product line of can liners, infectious waste hospital bags, and food bags.  We are a leader in new product innovation and are committed to providing superior service levels with our experienced national, regional, and local sales teams.


These high density can liners are extremely strong even with lower gauges and have a temperature range of -40º to +210º F. Bags may be dispensed by hand, from a carton, a maid's caddy, a Rhino-X dispenser, or the new Convenience Pack®. Rhino-X is the bag of choice for the professional.  Made from High Density Polyethylene (HDPE), Rhino-X products feature convenient dispensing with coreless rolls and flat folded bags.  The star bottom seals eliminate leakage and odors.  Rhino-X is available in a full range of sizes and gauges, and in coreless rolls, which are easy to handle, manage, and dispense.


Steel-Flex is the can liner of choice for high performance liners at lower gauges. Steel-Flex and its heavy gauge big brother, Plas-Tuff™, have a proven track record of performance and are made from our top resin mix - Rip-Stop®.  Rip-Stop is a proprietary blend of advanced resins. It enables us to run liners at lower gauges than conventional low density liners while actually increasing their rip and tear resistance. With our Rip-Stop formula you don't have to pay for over-built, over-gauged bags to get the same superior performance.

Made from Linear Low-Density Polyethylene (LLDPE), Steel-Flex provides superior puncture and tear resistance.  The star bottom seal prevents leaks and odors and can stand up to heavy, irregular waste.  Our lower gauges can contribute to your environmental source reduction by reducing the plastic waste up to 25%.  Steel-Flex is available in a wide range of sizes and gauges.

Big City®

The can liner of choice for heavy duty uses, Big City liners are made of resins that tend to be thicker in gauge and offer additional stretch. All repro resins used in Big City liners must meet our stringent quality standards. We combine this repro with specially formulated linear low density resins which result in a value priced, high performance can liner. Big City liners are available in black for maximum opacity and also in clear for specialty applications.

Made from specially blended LLDP and recycled material, Big City liners can handle sharp, heavy, and irregular waste due to our exceptional strength and good puncture and tear resistance.

Available in a wide range of sizes, in extra-heavy-duty gauges up to 2.7 mil, and in coreless rolls, which are easy to handle, manage, and dispense.  Colors are clear or black with our black liners containing 10% post-consumer waste.


PG6 is our cost-effective can liner for everyday performance.  Made primarilyrecycled materials, PG6 provides good puncture and tear resistance, PG6 come in sizes for all popular containers in gauges from 1 to 2 mil.

Sure Sak®

With unsurpassed strength and excellent puncture and tear resistance, Sure Sak liners are ideal whenever you need the performance of a thick, strong bag.  The rugged two-ply construction provides a silver outside and black inside.  UFlat seals provide added strength.  Sure Sak is available in heavy-duty gauges from 1.5 to 1.7 mil.